Artist Bio

Groovy, gritty, raw, Lennon KC emerges from North Carolina as a captivating force, sonically scratching an itch in your brain you didn't know you had. He embodies a whimsical spirit that inspires the collaborative moment and vibrates for those unafraid to dream out loud. Lennon KC’s sound traverses genres like Bedroom Pop, Alt Grunge, Rock Pop Blues, and Contemporary Hip-Hop. Built to play, his true superpower is his electrifying stage presence that ignites the senses with boundless energy. With the voice that delves deep into the soul, seamlessly transitioning from honeyed highs to gravelly depths, Lennon KC invites you to join him on his journey, and to hold on tight ;)

Who am i speaking to?

latest Project

Culdesac kid

Three musicians out of Durham, North Carolina join Lennon KC in this 8 track mixtape. This coming-of-age project traverses through themes of self exploration, questioning vices, and contemplation of the future. Amidst a soundscape that blends soul bass, rock and acoustic guitar, hip/hop drums, the vocals oscillate between gritty bellows and fast paced rap-esque deliveries. Like most of LKC's work, this is music for the dreamers. 

About the music

This project took a year and a half of consistent meetings, we dubbed “music monday's”. Written and recorded in Gray's home studio (aka Lowerkey Records), we gave the music a placeholder name, the Basement Tapes, and called ourselves the Basement Cats. At first, we had no idea what the plan was, we just kept meeting, kept working, and kept leaving saying “damn this new one is my favorite now”.  We really had no intention of anything specific when we first started meeting. There was just this beautiful brief moment in time where the four of our musical influences and physical skills combined well enough to create a work of sound that we all really enjoyed. Eventually a song was done and we released it, calling it ‘Sabotage’. Aaron with the drums and keys, Gray with the bass and production, Nathan with the lead guitar and Lennon writing lyrics and melody. Luckily we continued to make enough tracks that felt like they belonged together. These songs formed an emergent theme, thus bringing us Culdesac Kids’ conception. This was an experience of collaboration and a lesson in consistency. And it was fun as fuck. And the music is sick. Thanks for listening.